How to Write a Speculative Fiction Story?


The art of storytelling requires an author to narrate a compelling tale that provokes their imagination. When it comes to exploratory fiction stories, book lovers have a much higher level of expectation. They want to be intrigued by your penmanship even while they are aware that it is all make-believe. Does the content resonate with their line of thinking? Do they learn something new? To adequately address these questions, the author must gather enough material by conducting thorough research. Here are some handy tips that will guide you on how to write a speculative fiction story:


Keep it Precise


While it is utterly tempting to write a lengthy piece about your favorite conspiracy, too much content is likely to induce fatigue and is therefore counterproductive. Current research derives that people’s attention span has declined from 12 seconds at the turn of the millennium to a mere 8 seconds. A goldfish has a higher attention span of nine seconds! Seeing how dire the situation is, aim for a shorter version that will entertain readers, so they yearn for follow-ups.


Reel in Readers


Your foray into a conspiracy about aliens, the Deep State, or global warming needs to capture the readers’ attention from the outset. As seen above, waning attention spans especially on the internet means there is always something more enticing out there. Don’t let a cat video win over your speculative narrative. Introduce the topic and make solid points that will keep readers turning pages to know what is happening next.


Limit Characters


As tempting it is to have a slew of actors playing different roles, this may confuse readers and make it harder to connect with characters. Establish your protagonist, hero or heroine, and supporting characters and create a gripping backstory for each. You want a stellar ensemble so readers can determine who to root for as the story progresses.

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Short Descriptions


Readers who enjoy speculation want to be hit with your version of facts right away and are therefore not too keen on lengthy descriptions. Wordy descriptions could induce boredom and make readers disregard your piece. Leave out unnecessary information that has no value to your literary piece. After all, you want to create a page-turner.


Purpose of Story


Before embarking on the story itself, it is imperative that you understand the point of it all. Whether speculating about the future of the internet, or new disease epidemics that will wipe out the human race, you need to fathom where you are going with this. Let this be your true north and don’t deviate from it as the story unfolds.


Memorable Ending


Having satiated readers with enough justifications for your speculative story, aim to wind things down gently while still keeping the audience engaged. Provoke their minds by making bold statements or posing thorny questions regarding your subject matter. At this point, your readers are entwined with the conspiracy so end on a high note.Writing an exploratory make-believe tale doesn’t have to be arduous. Get into the minds of readers with convincing arguments that keep them entertained till the very end.